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What is a renal biopsy?

A renal biopsy is a procedure used to extract kidney tissue for laboratory analysis. The word “renal” describes the kidneys, so a renal biopsy is also called a kidney biopsy. The test helps your doctor identify the type of kidney disease you have, how severe it is and the best treatment for it. A renal biopsy can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of kidney treatments and see if there are any complications following a kidney transplant.

There are two ways to perform a renal biopsy:

Percutaneous biopsy (renal needle biopsy) : This is the most common type of renal biopsy. For this procedure, a doctor inserts a thin biopsy needle through the skin to remove your kidney tissue. They may use an ultrasound or CT scan to direct the needle to a specific area of the kidney.

Open biopsy (surgical biopsy) : For this procedure, your doctor makes a cut in the skin near the kidneys. This allows the physician to look at the kidneys and determine the area from which the tissue samples should be taken.

Why a renal biopsy is done?

A renal biopsy can identify what is interfering with your normal kidney function. Healthy individuals have two kidneys that perform many functions. It’s the kidneys’ job to:

  • Bleeding into the muscle, causing a soreness in that area
  • maintain a balance of chemicals, such as sodium and potassium, in the blood
  • supply the hormone erythropoietin, which supports red blood cell growth
  • control blood pressure by producing the hormone renin
  • help activate the hormone calcitriol, which regulates calcium absorption and calcium blood levels.

How renal biopsy is performed?

Generally, a renal biopsy is performed on a patient who stay at hospital for treatment. However, it can also be done in a radiology department if an ultrasound or CT scan is needed during the procedure.

  • A percutaneous biopsy is the most common type of renal biopsy in which a doctor inserts a thin biopsy needle through the skin to remove kidney tissue.
  • In an open biopsy, a doctor makes a cut in the skin near the kidneys to determine the area from which to take the tissue samples.

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